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Hog Roast


The firm favourite, our whole hog on a spit is ideal for bigger gatherings like a wedding, alternatively we're happy to cook up some joints for smaller get togethers too - They're not as big but equally as delicious in our opinion! Our locally sourced pork is cooked low and slow for a minimum of 7 hours and regularly turned to keep it nice and juicy. All of our baps come with a choice of apple sauce and a healthy portion of stuffing and gravy with side dishes of fresh garden salad, homemade slaw, pasta salad and potato salad or couscous. Why not add a hot potato choice of wedges, baked or roast potatoes to keep your guests truly full and satisfied? 

This also includes the appropriate staff and a choice of trailers or marquee set up.


All bookings include appropriate staff and a choice of trailers or marquees from £8 per head.

Please note, we require details of any guests with intolerance's or allergies, as well as any non meat eating guests upon booking.

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