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The Great British BBQ

Our delicious British BBQ is another option that allows you to customise your booking depending on your requirements.

Believe it or not we cater for both meat lovers and vegetarians / vegan guests alike!

All of our BBQs are accompanied by side dishes of fresh garden salad, luxury coleslaw, pasta salad and potato salad or couscous. We often find some seasoned wedges go down a treat with guests, speak to us if you would like to know more about what potato options we offer.


Some examples of our Great British BBQ include:

Gourmet Burgers - a beef burger topped with cheese and cooked onions served in a soft white bap

Gourmet Hot Dog - Proper pork sausages served with grilled onions in a fluffy finger roll - we recommend a dollop of mustard to finish, but thats up to your guests!

Halloumi Burgers - Cooked separately to the meat, these tasty cheesy delights are served in a bap, with or without onions.

Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers - Mixed peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and courgette skewers charred off over the raw heat - yummy.

If that dosent get your moth watering, you might like to also try our locally sourced koftas, lamb and mint burgers, pork kebabs, chicken thighs, sweet potato burgers, beetroot burgers, or seasoned fish fillets.

Please note, we require details of any guests with intolerance's or allergies, as well as any non meat eating guests upon booking.

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